This stroller was a life saver! My 75lb. boxer mix needed emergency spinal surgery and can't use his rear legs (temporarily, I hope!). We live in NYC and needed to get to the vet (four blocks away) for his follow up visit.

This worked like a charm; we even walked to a cafe for an al fresco lunch afterwards. I can envision many walks while he recovers and even afterwards for long distance jaunts.

Well made, wide carriage, can ride over anything. I won't even deduct a star for the wheel bearings that were over-torqued / under-lubricated & needed adjustment.

Everything else checks out as standard fare, the locking mechanism & mat'l all appear to be in good working order.

This is an amazing trailer. It's light, sturdy, has plenty of space, and does even more than what the company lists above.

It can practically become a flat bed and store both my instruments and my heavy backpack on my way to school and on bike trips.

I would highly recommend it, because it's tremendous quality for the low price!



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Established in 2005, Jiashan Oskar-Bebehut Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. has been one of the leading manufacturers of bicycle trailers in China.Our main product lines cover Bicycle Baby Trailers, Pet Trailers, Bike cargo trailers etc... 
Welcome to visit our booth at EUROBIKE SHOW every year...     The management members of Oskar-Bebehut have years of experience in bicycle trailer manufacturing. Our talented designers, experienced quality-control engineers and all other motivated employees guarantee the top quality of both products and services.

  • Whatever you need and wherever you are,  we are always here to help you further! 

  • Whatever you need and

    wherever you are,we are

    always here to help you further! 




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